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Main Office: 555 Main Street, Hudson, CO 80642
South Denver Office: Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Specializing in Geotechnical and Structural Engineering as well as Pit Evaluation and Septic Design

Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, and Maryland



Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the practice of analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads using wood, steel and/or concrete. We offer a wide range of structural engineering services, including but not limited to:



Foundation Design

The Importance of Structure

Foundation Designs transfer loads from structures to the earth with either a shallow or deep foundation system. We provide both types of foundation designs for a variety of structures from a residential home, steel frame building, reinforced concrete tank, loading dock, light or sign pole bases, weigh scale, or full structural design for Dairy and Poultry Facilities.

Below are some samples of different methods for a Foundation design:



Structural Floor Design

For Stability on Expansive Soils

Structural floor designs are required for homes being constructed with a drilled pier type "deep" foundation to provide a separation between the expansive soil and the basement floor.



Framing Plans

Framing plans can be developed for a new home design or addition. These plans typically specify floor joist sizes, wall studs, headers, porch & deck beams, shear walls, and balloon walls as needed.



House Plans

Reflect Your Style with a Quality Design

We supply floor plans drawn to your layout and four elevations (front, rear, each side) that reflect your vision. Structural plans include shear wall (were required), wall framing, floor framing, header sizes and a roof layout (trusses are supplied by truss company) Bring your floor plan ideas in to discuss transforming your dream into reality.



Garage Framing Plans

Garage Framing plans can be generated to fulfill the permit requirements of your location. This type of project is key to modifying your existing house into your home by creating the space that you desire.



Pole Barn Design

Standard and custom pole barns, lean-to roofs, and more.

Pole barn designs can be drawn to the size and shape of barn that you need at your property. We have prepared plans for Gambrel Barns with second floor space and standard post frame barns with lean-to roofs that offer protection for your animals.




Repair damages quickly and cost-effectively

We have completed Restoration Designs for homes and businesses that have been damaged by fire. These types of plans are fast-tracked in order to minimize delays which can help to lower the overall cost of the project.



Forensic Analysis

Repair damages quickly and cost-effectively

We can provide Forensic Analysis of your structure to determine cause(s) of cracking, buckling or other structural problems. Soil evaluation and a site investigation are necessary to make an evaluation and provide remedial recommendations.