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What Is Post Frame Construction?

June 11, 2021

Post frame construction has historically been used for agricultural structures like pole barns, but today this efficient and affordable type of construction is used for numerous other applications. If you’re considering using post frame construction for your next building in Hudson, CO, read on to learn how it’s best utilized. What is post frame construction? Post frame construction is quite flexible—it can be built on a number of different foundation types, making it suitable for varied climates and types of soil. The hallmarks of this architecture are laminated, compressed wood columns and heavy-duty trusses. These features allow for strength and... View Article

Why Soil Compaction Is Important in Construction

May 28, 2021

Unless you’re a contractor or engineer yourself, you might not realize the importance of soil compaction in construction in Hudson, CO. Soil compaction affects the foundation and drainage. If the soil under your building isn’t properly compacted, you could end up with floods, a cracked foundation, a shifting building and other things that will affect your property’s stability and value. Here’s an overview of soil compaction and why it’s so key to a stable building. What is soil compaction? Imagine trying to build a structure on the beach: the sand is bound to shift and settle over time. That, in... View Article

What Is BIM and Why Do You Need It?

May 17, 2021

Technology has been transformative for many industries, and architecture is no exception. Building information modeling (BIM) is a relatively new technology that could revolutionize the architecture industry. Read on for BIM explained to learn more about how it can impact your next project in Hudson, CO. What is BIM? BIM uses a single digital model of a building that everyone involved with a project can access or modify. BIM may be useful to architects, clients, suppliers, builders and environmental managers. While 2D documentation had long been the industry norm, the emergence of 3D modeling allows for analysis and optimization for... View Article

What Is a Grading Plan?

May 3, 2021

A grading plan is essential for any new construction project, and is often developed by civil engineers at the outset of a new build. Read on to learn more about grading and drainage plan costs in Hudson, CO and how they impact the progress on a project. The basics of grading plans In landscaping terms, grading shapes land in order to direct surface runoff away from buildings and towards a lane or street. Proper grading will provide drainage away from foundations and structures. This ensures water will move away from the property towards a storm drain, which will ultimately benefit... View Article

Types of Shoring and Their Uses

April 12, 2021

Shoring is a (usually) temporary form of support, used when constructing or renovating a building. Since these processes often involve excavation, it’s important to keep the earth from collapsing around the newly excavated space. Shoring can also be used to provide support to walls while the building is being renovated or retrofitted. If your project requires shoring, it’s wise to hire skilled shoring civil engineers in Hudson, CO. They’ll understand which kind of shoring to use for any project. Here is an overview of the different types of shoring, and how they’re commonly used: Contiguous pile shoring: This type of... View Article