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What Do Engineering Services Encompass?

September 29, 2020

A lot of professions out there are misunderstood or not understood at all, and engineering is one of them. There are so many different types of engineering that people can do for a living that it can be hard for the layperson to keep them all straight. That said, the types of engineering services performed by our team at High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC are some that are relatively easy for people to wrap their heads around. When people ask us what engineering services we offer in Hudson, CO, we usually have some quick tips ready to help them... View Article

Eight Benefits of Project Management

September 10, 2020

There are many complexities and nuances involved with any type of construction project. While a construction manager remains onsite, a construction project manager plays a much different role, but an equally important one. Investing in professional construction project management in Hudson, CO has many benefits you shouldn’t ignore. The value of project management for your construction project You’re already trying to minimize costs with your construction project. The additional expense of construction management services in Hudson, CO might seem like overkill. However, the benefits of hiring an experienced construction project manager absolutely justify the added cost: Protect your best interests:... View Article

Six Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

August 27, 2020

It’s thrilling to buy a new house, especially if this is the first time you’re doing so. Much of the homebuying process involves tedious paperwork and waiting for everyone else to finish tasks on their end. However, the home inspection provides valuable insight into the integrity of the property you’re buying. It’s common for people to have numerous questions about this process, including how much a home inspection should cost in Hudson, CO. Home inspection FAQs Even if you’ve purchased property in the past, you might not fully understand the purpose or methods of inspecting a home. That’s okay! You’re... View Article

When Should I Hire a Structural Engineer?

August 17, 2020

A structural engineer can assist with the design of a building or consult on structural flaws. The field basically concerns the analysis of load-bearing materials. Home structural engineering in Hudson, CO is essential to creating safe residential developments with quality homes. However, structural engineers do not limit their services to large commercial developers. Here are five times you should consider hiring a structural engineer: Home buying or selling: You do not need a structural engineer for every home transaction, but you should consider one if the inspection reveals issues. Inspectors may rule a structural problem as being more serious than... View Article

Keeping Colorado Pristine: The Value of Environmental Engineering

August 3, 2020

An environmental engineer makes modern life possible. Without the fundamentals of environmental engineering in Hudson, CO, it is likely we would face more pollution and numerous health risks. That’s why it’s no exaggeration when we claim environmental engineers keep Colorado (and the whole planet) pristine. Here are four contributions offered by environmental engineers: Waste management: Consumer societies like ours produce waste. Broken electronics, food packaging and white goods all fill up landfills and take up space as solid waste. While recycling habits are better than in years past, it does not quite make up for the material facing disposal. However,... View Article