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Structural Design Explained

February 25, 2021

Structural engineering and design are our primary services at High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC, but we’ve found that many people who aren’t in our industry don’t quite know what structural design is or what structural engineers do in Hudson, CO. We’re here to clear up any confusion! Continue reading to learn all about structural design and how our services can benefit you. What is structural design? In the simplest sense, structural engineering is the practice of investigating the strength and stability of a structure. After a structural analysis, a project manager can rest easy knowing that the building will... View Article

Five Roles of Engineers in Construction

February 13, 2021

Construction engineering and management in Hudson, CO tackles the design, planning and building of structures. It applies to residential and commercial structures because even the most basic house requires planning to build it on time and keep it structurally sound. Engineers are a big part of this, and construction engineering management ensures no consideration is overlooked, whether it be soil integrity, drainage or efficiency. Here are five roles construction engineers and their managers perform during projects: Big picture planning: Construction engineers use computer software to create plans, design electrical systems and plumbing networks and work with land and regulatory elements.... View Article

The Link Between Geotechnical Engineering and Soil

January 30, 2021

No matter what you are building, you must check the soil. Testing looks into the soil minerals, rocks, and Earth strata on development land. Geotechnical engineering is the practice of checking the soil and rock mechanics to assess subsurface conditions. These elements affect building strategy, as there is a strong link between soil mechanics and foundation engineering. When you build in Hudson, CO, you must invest in geotech soil testing. Here is an overview of why this is important. Why worry about soil? Soil has served as foundation support for thousands of years. Most of what we know today about... View Article

What Is Forensic Engineering?

January 22, 2021

U.S. forensic engineering in Hudson, CO is an exciting and dynamic field. Forensic engineering companies in Hudson, CO provide unique services that many other industries rely on for the success of their operations. Let’s dig into exactly what this profession involves and how you can learn more about this innovative industry. Forensic engineering defined Forensic engineering in Hudson, CO is also known as the investigation of failures, or reverse engineering. This is because forensic engineering involves the application of engineering principles to discover what went wrong when a machine, structure, component or other material failed. Experts in forensic engineering determine... View Article

Benefits of a Pole Barn

January 8, 2021

Many property owners aren’t aware of the significant advantages of pole barns in Hudson, CO. For those who desire to add durable buildings to their farming systems, this is an incredible solution. It has become a top choice among agricultural, commercial, industrial and recreational builders. In fact, pole barn builders in Hudson, CO are discovering that this framing system is the premier choice for a full range of settings. Here’s why. They’re fast When you need a building for your property, it isn’t always feasible to wait for months to complete construction. Pole barns in Hudson, CO can be constructed... View Article