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Six Common Design Mistakes in House Plans

December 23, 2019

If you design a home in Hudson, CO without considering structural engineering, chances are you will make some pretty serious mistakes. These can present maintenance and livability issues that turn your dream home into a nightmare. Here are six common design mistakes to avoid when designing your new home: Creating useless space: Sometimes angular walls and attempts to meet exact dimensions creates useless space. This can include the failure to separate space at all in an open concept or that random alcove in a master bedroom. Other examples include closets too small for anything or a wall placement that makes... View Article

Can Construction Sites Be Inspected in Winter?

December 9, 2019

Winter presents many challenges, and construction site inspections are not immune from them. While a construction inspection service in Hudson, CO may prefer inspecting sites in summer, winter inspections are not impossible and may even yield a few advantages. Here are five unique considerations when scheduling inspections during a Colorado winter: Water management: You will not see water management in action when you arrange a summer inspection. This refers to how water is diverted from your home, whether it comes from precipitation, gutters or snow melt. When water has nowhere to go or porches slant so it flows straight to... View Article

How Deep Foundation Systems Work

November 27, 2019

Foundation systems vary greatly in structure and purpose. Deep foundations are designed specifically to provide more stable conditions for significant structures. Geotechnical engineering services in Hudson, CO typically take these foundations more than three meters below the surface to reach solid strata far underground. This type of solid foundation can be accomplished through a variety of methods. Types of deep foundations Following are the most common deep foundations and an overview of how they work: Pile foundations: This type of deep foundation is created by driving tubes filled with concrete into the foundation to the desired depth. This method is... View Article

How the Seasons Can Affect Soil Testing

November 13, 2019

Are you planning soil testing in Hudson, CO? The time of year may affect your results. Before you complete your soil testing, consider the following facts. These tips will help you schedule your testing appropriately for optimal results. Consistency is crucial Whether you test your soil in the fall or spring is less important than consistent testing. If you complete soil testing in Hudson, CO in the fall this year, you should perform this task in the fall next year, as well. Maintain a regular schedule each year, so your results are not tainted by seasonal differences. This will provide... View Article

How Starting with a Septic Design Benefits the Construction of a Home

October 18, 2019

Building a home requires extensive planning. The process is complex and multi-tiered. Starting with the right details is essential for success with the rest of the project. While floor plans, construction materials and finishing touches are important to this project, starting with the right septic design in Hudson, CO is also essential. This may not seem like a crucial issue, but starting here offers many benefits to the construction of a home. Consider the following advantages it offers, then decide if a septic system might be a good option for your home construction project: Health benefits: Improper disposal and drainage... View Article



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