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What Is a Geotechnical Engineer, and How Can They Help You?

February 14, 2020

You might be familiar with the job of an engineer. Those are the people who design, create and make things for the rest of us to use and enjoy. Their projects are usually technical and involved, and they require attention to detail to produce precision products. But what about a geotechnical engineer in Hudson, CO? What do they do? Here’s a quick overview of geotechnical engineer responsibilities in Hudson, CO. To find out more about how these professionals contribute to important projects every day, contact the team at High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC. Who they are Geotechnical engineers in... View Article

How to Find Your Property Lines

January 31, 2020

If you’re purchasing a property, selling a home, building a fence or have a boundary dispute, you may need to know how to find your property lines in Hudson, CO. These defined points indicate where your property ends and the next person’s property begins. While finding property lines isn’t too difficult, you do need to know where to look. Try the following top sources: Assessor’s office: Start with the assessor’s office website. This site may offer maps for the real estate in your municipality. You can view these to determine the boundary lines of your property. Look for landmarks to... View Article

Having a Qualified Engineering Inspector on Your Project Can Make a Huge Difference

January 29, 2020

When you’re planning to begin construction on a building project—whether in the residential, commercial, agricultural or municipal sector—you’ll start with a set of designs, blueprints and plans. However, once construction starts, you want to be sure that those plans are being followed exactly and with the highest quality workmanship to achieve the best result. This is where construction engineering inspecting is useful. Construction inspectors visit your job site to verify that everything is going smoothly, identify potential hazards and help you solve problems before they arise using their engineering expertise. Working with a qualified engineering inspector in Hudson, CO can... View Article

What Is Project Management and Why Is It So Important?

January 15, 2020

When it comes to construction projects, you’re faced with a ton of moving parts, including shifting deadlines, teams of people and seemingly endless task lists. It can be difficult to coordinate all of these elements while you’re trying to get your residential, commercial or agricultural project off the ground. This is why developers turn to project managers. Construction project coordinators in Hudson, CO help manage your project and all its elements, so your project reaches completion successfully. Project managers have a lot to offer, which is why you should consider hiring one to help deliver your project. What is a... View Article

Can Construction Sites Be Inspected in Winter?

December 9, 2019

Winter presents many challenges, and construction site inspections are not immune from them. While a construction inspection service in Hudson, CO may prefer inspecting sites in summer, winter inspections are not impossible and may even yield a few advantages. Here are five unique considerations when scheduling inspections during a Colorado winter: Water management: You will not see water management in action when you arrange a summer inspection. This refers to how water is diverted from your home, whether it comes from precipitation, gutters or snow melt. When water has nowhere to go or porches slant so it flows straight to... View Article

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